These case studies outline both the obvious and hidden benefits of Roped Access.

Many other examples are available upon request.

This unique structure has required unique access solutions.

Due to the nature of the structure the only possible way of working on a large number of areas was with the use of Roped Access. Everything from a small light fitting to the 25,000sq mts of surface that needed painting was undertaken using Roped Access equipment and techniques.

In addition, the external feature lighting installation is one of the largest in the UK with a large proportion of the fittings weighing in excess of 65kgs. All were put into position using Roped Access.

This Dome is a unique structure in the UK. Completed in July 2007, the erection utilised Roped Access techniques for all aspects of the build other than the lifting of the heavier parts into place by crane. All of the steelwork and cladding was erected and fitted by personnel working from ropes as the exposed nature of the structure negated any other form of access techniques.

With 132,000 individual pieces its the largest jigsaw we've ever done!

Repairs to the "Bunker" section of this plant were undertaken within the confines of the on-going building works - without hinderance to other Contractors.

A total of 4234 holes left behind by the removal of the shuttering had to be filled by hand. This neccessitated the cutting back of the concrete to allow filling and the clean down of the surface afterwards.

The Bunker has a total depth of 35mts with 12mts actually below ground level.

A full range of all access related equipment is available to order. Call us for imformation and pricing!

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